Sun shines brighter with Betfair Casino’s new campaign

The beginning of a new casino campaign is usually triggering a flow of customers, which explains why online gambling ventures are frequently announcing new promotions. The start of a new month is the excellent opportunity for unveiling a new campaign and the one that runs live at Betfair Casino goes by the name of “Let the Sun shine”.casinochip

Those who came up with the name were quite inspired, because during this time of the year, people are frequently dreaming about spending some time outdoors, chilling in the sun. The fact that bonuses of different types and free spins are awarded for consecutive weeks is great news, with the luckiest players being eligible for a top payout of €2000.

Basically, each card in the live blackjack section can make you a big winner overnight, with the lucky cards being the yellow and red ones. Players must know that yellow sunshine cards will trigger the release of an entry that would make them eligible for a monthly raffle which has a big prize of €4000. Players have plenty of reasons to be very active while this campaign lasts, because the more yellow cards they discover, the better the chances to win the jackpot.

Meanwhile, Betfair Casino with keep them wired by presenting those who discover red cards with incremental bonuses worth €10 each. The money is credited to their online accounts right way without unnecessary delays and assuming that the wagering requirements are met, the bonus amount is converted into cashable money. Only the games played in the live blackjack section qualify, so don’t expect to discover yellow or red cards while playing regular blackjack or baccarat games.

If you are the lucky recipient of €10 for discovering a red card, know that it will take less than 24 hours for the money to be transferred to you. You will need to play the total amount collected during the promotional period five times, which is a decent requirement. Furthermore, even the luckiest players should know that they can only benefit from three red cards assuming they discover that many. The bonus amount is kept at €30 and it needs to be cleared within a week of being awarded otherwise it is forfeited.