Sky Vegas Casino unveils its own winter promo

Sky Vegas Casino unveils its own winter promoIf you had any doubts that this is the season to be jolly, Sky Vegas Casino has the best way to persuade you and you will find the urge to make a deposit, downright irresistible. The online casino presents existing members with an excellent opportunity of increasing their bankroll, by a total of £250. Add to this the fact that those who don’t have an account yet with these guys, can create one and take advantage of a first deposit bonus as well.

In a nutshell, there is plenty of money to be made by playing here and the Winter Stakeback promotion should provide both existing and prospective customers with the impetus to tag along. The promotion has already begun and it’s been 10 days since its inception, but the good news is that players have two more weeks to take advantage. At the end of this lengthy campaign, the ones who are eligible for a payout will be credited the full amount, more precisely on January 9.

This money is non-withdrawable, which means that players will have to meet certain play through requirements before cashing out. There are similar conditions to be met before being credited the bonus amount in the first place, as players are supposed to earn points by playing one of the various games. Not all of them qualify though and players are recommended to visit the official website to learn which titles are excluded from this promotion.

As they play and accumulate points, players can also track their performance, as Sky Vegas Casino has implemented a highly effective system that keeps them up to date via e-mail. In terms of meeting the wagering requirements, some titles present a fast away, such as slots and instant win games. By contrast, if you prefer playing table games, you should know that points are accumulated 10 times slower than by playing slots.

Depending on how much money they have to spin and co-expectations are, players can choose between one game and the other. Sky Vegas Casino tells us that by spinning the minimum amount of £50,000 and playing exclusively slot games, players are guaranteed to accumulate enough points to receive the £250. This is the maximum bonus that someone playing at this online casino can hope to cash in, and these numbers help us put things into perspective.