Online casino

We all love real casinos! Red carpets, the sound of slot machines, glittring chandeliers and green casinotables. But what if we don´t have all this within our reach? Not everyone lives nearby a local casino and that´s where online casino gets interresting.

Online casino is the real deal in a digital form

So what´s the difference exactly? First of all, you play online casino with a computer, smartphone or a tablet. But it´s far from just a game, you can infact win miljons of dollars and euros on a seemingly slot. There are hundreds of different online slots that offer a great casino experience and that gives you the oportunity to win all kinds of jackpots. The online slots are not different from a slot machine at a real casino, especialy since the most real slots also are digital games. When it comes to classic casino games, such as roulette, black jack and baccarat, you get the same conditions to win cash as you get at any other real casino. You can infact win more money on an online casino since some classic games are tweaked with jackpots and other functions. All online casino games are checked by the authorities where the casino is registered, to make sure that the casino use generators that makes your games base on pure luck. Read more about online casino and other features that makes it so popular and better then a real casino in many ways.

live casino

Play live casino online

Now that might sound weird but it´s a fact. You can play live casino online with real dealers that are serving you from behind a webcamera. This makes the online casino experience as real as it gets. Live casino is offered when you play black jack, roulette and baccarat. So if you want to get as close to the real deal as possible, look for live casino.