New casino releases in Scandinavia

Casinofloor logoThe last few months there has been a few very interresting online casino releases in Scandinavia. The new Swedish Casino Floor was the first one to open their gates and they did it in a way that no other casino done before. When you go to the casino you will enter a 3D world where you can walk around, choose games, place your bets, withdraw your winnings and much more, its allmost like a real casino experience. This is a great way to attract new players but the question is if they will stay and if the game range is good enough to keep the players. You can of course choose a 2D version if you find it annoying to “run” between the games and other features.

Thrills Casino – The new retro casino

Thrills casinoThrills Casino is also a new Swedish casino that tries to stand out on the web but they choose to focus on the design and the environment rather then cool features. Thrills is a retro inspired online gambling place that is meant to attract players that like the classic look of things. Thrills Casino is not released yet but rumors and the looks of their “sneak peak” shows that they will offer casino games from NetEnt. We have high expectations for this online casino and we can’t wait to try it out.

Thrills and Casino Floor reviews

The first website to give reviews was of course which is Swedens fastest growing guide and portal for casino players. Click the links below to read great reviews of these two new Swedish casinos at

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