William Hill Casino sends you to Sin City

A trip to Las Vegas is always a great experience for those who are even remotely passionate by gambling and William Hill casino make such a proposition. This is an online gambling operator, so it might sound a bit strange for me to offer a trip to Sin City, but this is exactly what they promote. Enjoying a memorable weekend here and having a sizable bankroll to experience the best that the city has to offer is a tempting proposition that very few good to turn down.William Hill Casino sends you to Sin City

It will all happen in the second half of February, when most of Europe is under a thick layer of snow and freezing temperatures have a deterring effect on those who might be tempted to leave their homes. Wagering a minimum of €10 is the requirement for participating in a raffle that can result with players packing up for Las Vegas. The campaign has already started but there are almost 2 weeks left to participate, so time is still on your side.

The best case scenario is to be selected as a winner of this campaign and the on the flight leading to Las Vegas, but there are plenty of money rewards offered as well. Those who finish on an eligible place for such a prize will receive the money in their Betfair account and they will dispose of this amount as they please. There are no wagering requirements, so whether you collect €10 or €100, the money can be spent on sports betting or poker action.

Those who win a trip to Las Vegas will not have to pay for anything, because the online gambling group will take care of all these expenditures. Furthermore, players will receive €500 to spend on whatever they like and a bankroll of $200 worth of casino chips. The plane takes off in Manchester or London, depending on what the winners prefer and the lucky ones will also get to choose the dates, so they enjoy a lot of flexibility.

Win more Comp Points at Coral Casino with Sherlock Mystery promo

Loyalty campaigns are the backbone of any online casino who hopes to improve its customer retention and Coral was among the first to understand this reality. Nowadays, they have one of the most solid loyalty schemes and players are invited to accumulate loyalty points, to go up the ladder. Those who attain VIP status will benefit from better terms and conditions, access to exclusive tournaments and campaigns as well as a superior conversion of loyalty points into cash.

casinochipIn the last week of October, players can also participate in the Sherlock Mystery Enhanced Comp Points and by doing so they will accumulate points at a faster pace. This new promotion has been announced on http://www.coral.co.uk/casino/promotions several days ago and it will conclude on October 31. Earning comp points is easy, because five of them are triggered whenever players wager an amount exceeding €10 and there is no limit whatsoever regarding the maximum number of points that players can earn.

You can play your favorite game on your desktop or laptop computer, or use tablets and smartphones if you value convenience. Keeping track of your progress is very easy, because the website is updated often and this is where the number of points accumulated by all players is published. The only problem is that if you reside in Albania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Latvia or Slovenia you won’t be eligible for this campaign.

Coral members should know that they can use this promotion in conjunction with the Unlimited Rewards campaign which is also aimed at a faster accumulation of loyalty points. Whenever you earn 100 of them, you can decide to redeem them for real cash, more precisely one euro for each 100 comp points. Attain VIP status means that you will receive more points when you play and will also have to spend fewer of them whenever you are ready to make the conversion to real money.

Cyprus on the verge of legalizing casinos nationwide

Cyprus is a great tourist destination especially for those who enjoy playing poker in land-based casinos, with the island hosting some major European competitions. The fact that these tournaments are scheduled for late autumn is even better, because the temperatures here don’t drop as fast as they do elsewhere on the continent. On the other hand, only half of the island is open to land-based casinos, with the Greek controlled area lacking the necessary regulations.

casinochipAt the time of writing, those who plan a trip to Cyprus and enjoy the intense action of brick-and-mortar casinos, are advised to head on to the Turkish controlled area. On the bright side, the legislators in the other part of the island are contemplating the possibility of adjusting the laws, so that it would allow gambling as well. The reasons for why this change of heart has occurred are easy to understand, as most tourists prefer to travel a couple of kilometers, just to play in land-based casinos.

The debate is the raging about the advantages and shortcomings of allowing land-based casinos to operate here, but it looks like the liberal party is prevailing. If the laws passed by the end of 2014, as early as January 2015 the first casinos could start being built and denigration to the Turkish controlled area is expected to come to an end. For many years, they’ve been bleeding money and finally the legislators have concluded that this needs to stop, so we should be surprised to see a handful of big companies investing in new casinos and resorts.

William Hill Casino could be one of them as the UK-based operator plans on expanding beyond borders and the Cyprus market is the most accessible one. They have higher expectations and if things go their way, they might open a casino in Las Vegas next year. Meanwhile, the online gambling operators are more concerned about the fact that they might have to pay a 15% point of consumption tax, that the United Kingdom gambling commission has enforced.

Some online casino operators have made a unified front to fight this new tax, but William Hill denied to tag along. There is no information regarding the taxation level in Cyprus, if the projected regulation will finally pass, but the rumors suggest that the amount charged will be significantly lower.

Swedish casinos – The mobile market leaders

The mobile market of casino games has grown rapidly over the past few years and we have much to thank Swedish designers, casinos and developers for that. Not many know that some of the biggest gambling sites and game developers are Swedish, such as Mr Green, Leo Vegas, Betsson, Nordic bet and the most popular game developer Net Entertainment.

NetEnt sets the bar

NetEnt is far from the biggest game developer but they have managed to create some of the most popular games on the casino market. You have probably heard about or tried Mega Fortune, Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest or Arabian Nights that are some of the most popular games. But it’s not just the high quality games that puts NetEnt in the leading position, it’s the mobile platform that they have created for most of their games. This new and groundbreaking platform is called NetEnt Touch and it’s by far the best mobile gambling platform.

Netent touch

The best mobile experience

To create the optimal experience in a mobile unit, the actual gambling site needs to be optimized for all kinds of mobiles, tablets and computer screens. Swedish casinos have alot of experience and technical expertise when it comes to this and thats the reason why they are the market leaders when it comes to mobile gambling.

A userfriendly mobile version of the casino together with the great NetEnt games, is today the best combination that offers an amazing gambling experience. It’s infact so good that some players prefer playing on their mobile phone or a tablet rather then on a computer, and that says it all.

Sun shines brighter with Betfair Casino’s new campaign

The beginning of a new casino campaign is usually triggering a flow of customers, which explains why online gambling ventures are frequently announcing new promotions. The start of a new month is the excellent opportunity for unveiling a new campaign and the one that runs live at Betfair Casino goes by the name of “Let the Sun shine”.casinochip

Those who came up with the name were quite inspired, because during this time of the year, people are frequently dreaming about spending some time outdoors, chilling in the sun. The fact that bonuses of different types and free spins are awarded for consecutive weeks is great news, with the luckiest players being eligible for a top payout of €2000.

Basically, each card in the live blackjack section can make you a big winner overnight, with the lucky cards being the yellow and red ones. Players must know that yellow sunshine cards will trigger the release of an entry that would make them eligible for a monthly raffle which has a big prize of €4000. Players have plenty of reasons to be very active while this campaign lasts, because the more yellow cards they discover, the better the chances to win the jackpot.

Meanwhile, Betfair Casino with keep them wired by presenting those who discover red cards with incremental bonuses worth €10 each. The money is credited to their online accounts right way without unnecessary delays and assuming that the wagering requirements are met, the bonus amount is converted into cashable money. Only the games played in the live blackjack section qualify, so don’t expect to discover yellow or red cards while playing regular blackjack or baccarat games.

If you are the lucky recipient of €10 for discovering a red card, know that it will take less than 24 hours for the money to be transferred to you. You will need to play the total amount collected during the promotional period five times, which is a decent requirement. Furthermore, even the luckiest players should know that they can only benefit from three red cards assuming they discover that many. The bonus amount is kept at €30 and it needs to be cleared within a week of being awarded otherwise it is forfeited.

New lawsuit storm his Las Vegas Sands

Sheldon Adelson is fighting his very own crusade against online casinos in general and those who try to conquer the American market in particular. He spends hundreds of millions of dollars in his attempt of stopping the legalizing of Internet gambling and says that he is willing to spend as much as needed to the rail such efforts. For the time being, his aggressive lobby is only marginally successful, as more US states are contemplating the possibility of legalizing online gambling.

Whether the gambling mogul believes in karma, or not, the fact is that Las Vegas Sands is running into a lot of problems recently in Asia. It runs a lucrative business in East Asia and its Macau ventures are particularly profitable, but recently the company was hit by another huge lawsuit. This time, they are trying to avoid a defeat that would have them pay $5 billion, a significant amount even for a company of this size.casinochip

Add to this the fact that an unfavorable ruling would invite others to launch similar lawsuits and you’ll see why the Las Vegas Sands lawyers are so busy these days. This is not the only case in which the company is facing the prospect of losing a lot of money, with http://bigstory.ap.org/article/las-vegas-sands-appealing-70m-jury-award presenting another interesting case.

On this particular occasion, it is a Taiwanese businessman who claims that Las Vegas Sands owes him a lot of money, after his company helped the corporation attain a Macau license. Their American partners allegedly decided to sever the link and failed to meet their end of the bargain, which prompted the Taiwanese to seek compensations. In the wake of this lawsuit, Sheldon Adelson and his cronies were willing to discuss the deal of a potential agreement, but the other party seemed to be uninterested.

Marshall Hao has some experience in this line of work, as he sue a gambling company before, seven years ago in Nevada. Back then he didn’t have a solid case, because the judges decided to rule against him and he didn’t get a dime. On the other hand, this time it won’t be an American court to reach a verdict so Hao has a couple of reasons to be optimistic about the outcome.

He gradually raised the antes and now he asked for $5 billion, which is a huge amount that is very likely to end up in his bank account. The last time Las Vegas Sands lost a big lawsuit was against a Hong Kong businessman who demanded compensations of $375 million and received over $400 million. It was a significant blow to the company, but finding the resources to pay the winner was hardly a problem, something that couldn’t be said about a $5 billion paycheck.

Betfair Casino offers cash prizes and gadgets this month

Earlier this month, Betfair Casino announced a brand-new campaign that was supposed to conclude at the end of May but was extended until the second week of June. As expected, the prizes will consist mostly of cash, with the most successful players expected to collect one of the five bonuses of £500. This is a lot of money that can be spent right away at any game in their online offer and the best part is that players are not subject to additional requirements.casinochip

Basically they sit down at the table and play blackjack and if they get lucky, they will uncover a red or green card. Depending on color, they will be eligible for a minimal £10 bonus corresponding to a red card or the aforesaid top prize of £500, hiding behind a green card. One important thing that players should keep in mind is that in order to be eligible for this campaign, they need to play any of the games in the live blackjack section.

The reason for why Betfair Casino decided to focus on these titles is to emphasize its live dealer collection of games that were relatively recently introduced. Many of their members don’t need such an incentive because they already spend a lot of time playing against a live dealer. At the end of the day, there is no better way of replicating the unique feeling of competing in a brick-and-mortar casino, without all the hassle associated to making the trip to Vegas.

Money makes the world go round and it is particularly important in online casinos, but there is more than meets the eye about Betfair Casino’s latest campaign. Five lucky winners will receive the top cash prize, but just as many players will win one of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phones. The system is virtually the same, as players sit down at the recommended tables and hope that they would collect plenty of raffle tickets, so that they would have a better chance at winning the draw.

As soon as the winners are selected, they will be notified by e-mail and the smartphones will be shipped to their address the day after. Both existing and new members can opt in for this promotion and they will enjoy unrestricted access to the Live Casino Blackjack Betfair Exclusive tables. Those who win a cash prize should note that it is mandatory to play it through five times before withdrawing the money to their bank account.

WinPalace Casino treats customers like kings this month

Online casinos are willing to invest a lot of money to attract new customers and they are just as concerned to keep them around for as long as possible. While most of them have retention departments that diligently work towards convincing members to stay around, others focus on prevention. Loyalty campaigns and VIP ladders keep players hooked and occasional campaigns increase the fan base.

WinPalace CasinoWinPalace Casino has a reputation for pampering members and this month, both new players and existing ones will receive preferential treatment. The number of ways to get paid has been greatly increased and now players have several bonus codes to choose from depending on what type of game they prefer.

Slots players represent the bulk of online casinos and those who have an account with WinPalace Casino have a total of seven REWARD codes to choose from. The format is quite similar to what the online casino offered in the past, as each code has a digit attached at the end. REWARD1 requires a minimum deposit of $21 and triggers a bonus of 197%, while those who use the REWARD4 code are expected to deposit $100 in exchange of a 252% bonus. At the top of the food chain are highrollers, who find the REWARD7 most alluring despite the fact that they are supposed to deposit a minimum amount of $1000 for a bonus of 410%.

The number of table games players is constantly on the rise and this month WinPalace Casino made no exceptions, by offering them seven bonus codes as well. These are the actual royalties this month, with the KINGS bonus codes offering a reload bonus up to 350%. To cash in on the top bonus, players will have to invest at least $800, while at the opposite end of the spectrum we have the KINGS1 code for those who wager no more than $21.

WinPalace Casino stays true to its name and goes to great lengths to create a majestic atmosphere, in order to make members feel truly special. These bonus codes can be redeemed throughout April and they are subject to certain wagering requirements before withdrawals are allowed.

Enjoy the Winter Olympics with Sky Vegas Casino

skyvegasThe Winter Olympics are in full swing but those who are less interested in watching the events live on TV or travel to Sochi, will get to celebrate the event with Sky Vegas Casino. These guys have announced a brand-new campaign that will expire at the end of the month, so there are more than two weeks left to take advantage. It all begins with a generous welcome bonus of £10 that is awarded to anyone who opens an account with them.

There will be no unnecessary delays and the eligible customers will be credited the money moments after completing the registration process. Naturally, they get to boost their bankroll by using the 200% first deposit bonus that can go all the way up to £1000. It is not possible to withdraw the amount immediately after the bonus is credited, so that players will have to meet specific wagering requirements.

Sky Vegas Casino made them reasonable and there are no restrictions, so those who are used to a certain type of game don’t necessarily need to stick to it. They can feel free to explore different one such a slot games, table games, roulette, blackjack and pretty much anything in their offer. Once they use the promo code WELCOME to cash in the welcome bonus and match their first deposit by a three digit percentage, it is time to focus on the main campaign.

Sky Vegas Casino starts from a very simple premise, as players are awarded bonus points each time they invest a minimum amount of £1 and win. Basically, your profits are increased every single time as all the points you accumulate count towards the final list and the ones at the top of the leaderboard will be lavishly rewarded. It goes without saying that the more you play, the more points you will be earning, which makes it the ultimate incentive to spend more time online.

There are certain milestones to be hit, with the first one being on February 13 when the first week ends, while the second concludes on February 20. Players will be notified by e-mail if they win, while the official website will keep the information up-to-date. The lucky players who finish at the top of the leaderboard will collect a nice paycheck with the Golden medal consisting of £750, more than twice the award that goes for the runner-up.

Special offer for Casino Titan members this month

Casino Titan is Offering New Player Specials This Week OnlyCasino Titan invites you to tag along this month if you don’t have an account already and in order to sway you, they will throw in some incentives. FLEE codes are hard to resist, starting with a 400% bonus for those who use the 400 extension and there are similar codes for other bonuses. It is of course tempting to aim for the highest bonuses, but keep in mind that these apply only to slot games and each bonus code has a different wagering requirement.

Assuming you have nothing against the play-through requirements and you accept to take your time to meet them to the letter, you can focus on the type of game. ESCAPE1 and ESCAPE2 are the ones that you should be aiming if you see yourself playing table games. They are going to trigger a bonus worth 200% or 250%, with the latter having a mandatory minimum deposit of $100. An interesting choice for those who are found halfway through the two genres and play roulette, is the ROUL130 code which consists of a 130% bonus for those who deposit at least $21.

Speaking of wagering requirements, it shouldn’t be too difficult to meet the 25 times requirements for slots and 30x fir table games. Roulette players are at a slight disadvantage, as they need to play through the combined amount 45 times, but the good news is that all bonus codes are compatible with the cashback promotion. Casino Titan makes its campaign downright irresistible by adding something on top and this promotion will end this month, so members shouldn’t allow it to expire.