Casino croupier & Casino dealer

A casino croupier or casino dealer is a person employed to take and pay out bets and otherwise assist at a gambling table. The exact work of the dealer depends on which game that is being played. At a blackjack table the dealer will deal cards, at a roulette table the dealer will spin the wheel and the ball, and so on.

In American English, a distinction is sometimes made between casino dealer and casino croupier, where the term croupier refers to the person manning a roulette table while the term dealer is used for other games, such as card games and dice games. However, even in American English the two terms are frequently used interchangeably.

The word croupier arrived to the English language from French. It is derived from the word croup, which means “rump of a horse” in French and was used for someone who was positioned behind the main rider on a horse. The word croupier later came to refer to someone who stood behind a gambler, holding extra reserves of cash in case the gambler needed backing. There was no longer any horse involved, but the croupier was still positioned behind someone else. Eventually, the word croupier migrated to the other side of the gambling table and came to refer to anyone employed to collect the money from the table.

How can I become a casino dealer / croupier?

The most common route to become a casino dealer or croupier is to be employed by a casino and receive your training from them. You will learn the rules applicable to that specific casino and might need to relearn a few things if you later find employment with another casino.

Usually, you will start by learning the game blackjack. While learning to deal blackjack you will also learn general casino chip handling, security measures, casino routines and so on. In parts of the world, especially in Europe, roulette is instead the game of choice for beginners.

Beginners are encouraged to focus on technique and security measures first, since speed is more or less bound to evolve naturally over time as the new dealer gains more and more experience.

Once you have mastered blackjack and roulette, your employer might decide to teach you additional games such as craps, punto banco, poker, Caribbean stud poker and sic bo.

Casino dealer license

In the United States, dealers / croupiers are normally required to have a gambling license, although the law does vary from state to state. In states where a gambling license is required for dealers, prospective dealers usually apply for one during their training period. Before granting or refusing a gambling license, the authority in charge will do a police background check and credit rating check.

In parts of the world where dealers are not required to be licensed, it is often the prospective employer that asks for a police background check and credit rating check to help determine the suitability of the job seeker.