Casino chip tricks

Casino chip tricks are a way of playing with chips, e.g. to pass time, to show off or to simply have something to fidget with as you wait for your turn at the poker table. Within the gambling community, there is normally a difference between casino chip tricks and casino chip magic / cheating. Although both require sleight of hand, casino chip tricks are not primarily demonstrated to fool a spectator. Unfortunately, you can’t perform casino chip tricks in an internet casino, which of course is obvious.

The history of casino chip tricks

If you sit down at a casino player or engage in a few rounds of blackjack, you are likely to see at least a few of your fellow players fidget around with their casino chips. The habit among players to knowingly or unknowingly fidgeting with their money, chips, gold nuggets etcetera is most likely as old as gambling itself.

Modern casino chips are uniform in size, shape and weights, something which makes them ideal for more advanced casino chip tricks. Also, once you’ve mastered a trick using your own chips you will be able to repeat it at the local casino. Modern uniform casino chips began to appear in the 1880’s and is thus a fairly new invention that helped pave the way for the advanced casino chip tricks of today.

Examples of casino chip tricks

Around the clock
Take a casino chip around your index finger and then flip the chip back into its original position.

Use one hand to push out the middle chip of a stack of three. Hold the middle chip with your middle and ring finger. Take the chip around your idex finger by moving your middle and ring fingers up while moving your index finger down. The next step is to roll the middle chip above your index finger before using your index finger to put pressure on the chip. The pressure will make the chip spin back into its starting position.

Knuckle Roll

This is a quite difficult casino chip trick that requires a lot of practice to look good. Clamp a chip between your thumb and index finger. From there, carefully move it to the other side of your hand clamping it three times between your fingers. The trick here is to flip over the casino chip each time instead of trying to actually rolling it.


You’ll need four casino chips for this trick. Using one hand, stack the four chips evenly between your five fingers.

Learning casino chip tricks

The easiest way of learning new casino chip tricks is usually to watch someone else doing them slowly. Today, there are a lot of tutorial sites available online where you can watch videos of skilled chip artists doing anything from basic chip play to highly advanced chip tricks destined to impress anyone at the table.