Casino bonus

Today, most casino offer one or several types of casino bonus for new and existing members. Before accepting any casino bonus it is a good idea to check its rules and conditions, because these are known to vary widely from casino to casino and also between different types of bonuses. There are for instance a huge differences in wager requirements. The authority site on casino bonuses, provides the latest info on what online casinos currently offer.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is a bonus that you get when you deposit money into the casino. Deposit bonuses are often match bonuses, i.e. your deposit will be matched to a certain degree. You may for instance get a 100% or 200% match bonus on your first deposit, or a 30% match bonus on every deposit you do during weekends.

In order to avoid having to give out enormous amounts in match bonuses, most casinos apply a ceiling for their match bonuses. You may for instance get 100% match bonus up to €250.

A 100% match bonus up to €250 means that if you deposit €100 you get €100 in match bonus and have a total of €200 to play with. If you deposit €50 you only get €50 bonus, and if you deposit €500 you still only get €250 in bonus money since €250 is the bonus limit.

When comparing different casinos it is advisable to look not only at their welcome bonuses but on their bonuses for existing members as well. In the long run, you may be better off with an online casino that will give you 20% extra casino chips every month than one that gives you a 200% welcome bonus and then neglects you.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is a bonus that you get without having to make a deposit. Typically, no deposit bonuses are awarded players for signing up and creating an account. Today, no deposit bonuses come in two main flavors. The first type is a fairly small casino bonus, usually around €10, that you get as soon as you sign up. You can spend this no deposit bonus in the casino whenever you please; it is usually valid for at least a few months. The second type of no deposit bonus is much higher, e.g. €750, but you only have a very limit amount of time to spend it, usually 60 minutes. As soon as you accept the bonus the clock will start ticking and when your minutes are up the bonus is no longer valid. Normally, you are allowed to transfer any winnings above the original bonus to your real money account when your time is up, but only after jumping through a few hopes. Three very common conditions are these:

  • You must have played a certain amount of rounds in the casino during your 60 minutes of play, e.g. made at least 150 wagers.
  • Your winnings must be large enough, e.g. at least €20 above the original bonus amount.
  • You must make a deposit into your real play account.

Even though this type of no deposit bonus tend come with several strings attached, it can still be a great way of checking out a casino without risking any money. By having a lot of bonus money to play with, you can evaluate the software, the game selection, the style, etc and see if this casino is something for you.

Winning casino bonuses

Another way of getting a casino bonus is winning it. Today, it is common for online casinos to arrange various raffles and competitions where you can win casino bonuses.