Buying casino chips

Casino chips, also known as casino tokens or casino cheques, are much more convenient than money or tokens such as matches when playing a game of poker among friends or arranging an evening of casino games at home.

When mass-produced casino chips began to appear on the market in the 1880’s they were usually made from clay and sometimes covered in shellack. About a century later they were joined by ceramics, and then by molded plastics. Among casual players, the ceramic casino chip is the most popular choice since these chips are easy to produce and can be purchased for a low price. It is also comparatively cheap to have your own design imprinted on them to make them more personal. If you order a set of casino chips online, it is feasible to get a basic casino chip for less than $0.10. If you want to have a personalized design printed on your casino chip, be prepared to pay at least $75 extra per set.

Casino chips are sold in sets and as singles. Most manufacturers will require that you order a minimum amount of chips if you get singles – getting just one chip is rarely an option. Getting a set is convenient since you get a good mix that will suit most games. Ordering casino chips per unit instead of getting a prepacked set will on the other hand make it possible for you to tailor make your own set.

If you plan on creating your own set of casino chips, the following figures can be helpful. They show the number of chips typically needed for a home game of poker to run smoothly.

3-4 players – 300 casino chips
4-5 players – 400 casino chips
6-8 players – 500 casino chips
9 or more players – 800+ casino chips

When it comes to colors, there are really no rules to stick too and each casino tend to make up their own mind about how to color and mark their casino chips. If you want to stick to one of the more traditional color schemes from the 1900’s, this is our suggestion:

$1 – white casino chip
$5 – red casino chip
$10 – blue casino chip
$25 – green casino chip
$100 – black casino chip
$500 – purple casino chip

Before placing any order, it is a good idea to compare several different vendors and scrutinize their offers. If you use a site like Amazon there may even be reviews where you can find out about previous buyer’s experience with the company and its products. Making a good casino chip decision is something that will bring extra joy to your home games for years and years to come.