28 years old wins $420,000 Aladdin’s Gold Casino

Good news travels fast and even though it might sound a bit surprising that a website usually dealing with financial news found it worthwhile to report this event, http://finance.yahoo.com/news/player-wins-big-aladdin-gold-115400683.html has ample coverage. What actually happened is that an 28 years old online casino player recently won a fortune at Aladdin’s Gold Casino, one that surpassed even his wildest expectations. This is not the first time that players win big at this casino, but the $420,000 prize came virtually out of nowhere and now everyone is talking about this.

Those who are wondering how exactly did this happen, should know that the young player didn’t win the whole amount in one swing, but instead took down several smaller payouts. It all happened on a short notice as the profits piled up quickly and the streak of jackpot was quickly noticed by Aladdin’s Gold Casino representatives. While the money was awarded right away, they were also glad to congratulate the lucky winner personally, although his identity was not disclosed.

casinochipThis is the kind of privilege that those who compete over the Internet enjoy, as they can cash in their payouts without anyone knowing about their good fortune. The information that transpired in the media is relatively shallow, because all that we’ve learned about the winner is that he is 28 years old and he won the six digit amount. Another fact that we know about him is that he chose to play slot games and this decision was an inspired one as all the prizes were awarded at these virtual machines.

It all began with his successful run on October 1 when he deposited the insignificant amount of $55 and started playing at reasonably low stakes. Much to his credit he managed to turn the small deposit into $400,000 while wagering no more than $5000 and the most successful games were Pay Dirt, Mystic Dragon, Monster Mayhem and Triple Twister.

He won the jackpot worth a quarter of $1 million playing the first one and $132,000 in Mystic Dragon, while the other three titles only generated five digit profits. This doesn’t mean that winning tens of thousands of dollars is a lesser performance, but in his case the winnings were dwarfed by what he accomplished in the first days of play. The success of the 28 years old has provided fellow Aladdin’s Gold Casino with the impetus to persevere and the numbers of new players has increased in November.