WinPalace Casino treats customers like kings this month

Online casinos are willing to invest a lot of money to attract new customers and they are just as concerned to keep them around for as long as possible. While most of them have retention departments that diligently work towards convincing members to stay around, others focus on prevention. Loyalty campaigns and VIP ladders keep players hooked and occasional campaigns increase the fan base.

WinPalace CasinoWinPalace Casino has a reputation for pampering members and this month, both new players and existing ones will receive preferential treatment. The number of ways to get paid has been greatly increased and now players have several bonus codes to choose from depending on what type of game they prefer.

Slots players represent the bulk of online casinos and those who have an account with WinPalace Casino have a total of seven REWARD codes to choose from. The format is quite similar to what the online casino offered in the past, as each code has a digit attached at the end. REWARD1 requires a minimum deposit of $21 and triggers a bonus of 197%, while those who use the REWARD4 code are expected to deposit $100 in exchange of a 252% bonus. At the top of the food chain are highrollers, who find the REWARD7 most alluring despite the fact that they are supposed to deposit a minimum amount of $1000 for a bonus of 410%.

The number of table games players is constantly on the rise and this month WinPalace Casino made no exceptions, by offering them seven bonus codes as well. These are the actual royalties this month, with the KINGS bonus codes offering a reload bonus up to 350%. To cash in on the top bonus, players will have to invest at least $800, while at the opposite end of the spectrum we have the KINGS1 code for those who wager no more than $21.

WinPalace Casino stays true to its name and goes to great lengths to create a majestic atmosphere, in order to make members feel truly special. These bonus codes can be redeemed throughout April and they are subject to certain wagering requirements before withdrawals are allowed.