Thunderstruck 2 slot machine free roll at Golden Riviera

Whether they play in land-based or online casinos, people are just as fascinated about the prospect of receiving free casino chips. Now they have a chance to win real money without investing a dime, by simply signing up for the RockStar freeroll tournament. This prestigious event has reached its third edition and it is hosted as always by Golden Riviera online casino. What makes this tournament stand out from the crowd is that unlike similar freerolls which award players with tiny prizes, the RockStar freeroll tournament will shower competitors with thousands of dollars.

Thunderstruck 2 slot machine

The prize pool is guaranteed and at least €25,000 will be awarded to players who joined the event, and registration is still open despite the fact that it began on April 12. Cash prizes are the highlight of the RockStar freeroll tournament, but there are more cool things to be won such as 50,000 voyage miles that can be used in the Casino Treasure Cruise promotion. The name is pretty intuitive and players probably assume that these voyage miles can be used to navigate around the world on board a luxury cruise ship.

Two lucky winners will spend some unforgettable days in the Caribbean’s, while thousands of Golden Riviera online casino players will receive attractive prize money. The game that qualifies for the prestigious tournament is Thunderstruck 2 slot machine, a five reel slot game that has a plethora of exciting features. The abundance of wild and scatter symbols, the high number of free spins and multipliers makes this game released in 2010 one of the most popular in online casinos.

Knowing that the guaranteed prize pool exceeds €25,000 is the ultimate incentive for players who haven’t enjoyed the thrills of the Thunderstruck 2 slot machine yet. What makes free rolls so much fun is the fact that they compete against each other rather than against the house. There is no downside in terms of odds and the chances to win remain the same, but the goal is to amass more chips than your opponents to earn a better position on the leaderboard.

There are a couple of single round tournaments included in the broader RockStar freeroll with some of the most popular going by the name of the Reloader, the Extender and the Survivor. The first type of game is won by those who earn a place at the top of the leaderboard, the Extender is played in a similar fashion but allows players to buy an add-on if necessary. Last but definitely not least, the survivor is the most thrilling knockout tournament in which players try to be the last ones standing.

RTG casinos introduce Ninja Star online slot

Alongside Playtech who has recently released the immensely popular Tennis Stars slot game, Realtime Gaming is one of the most prolific software developers in 2013. Only a couple of weeks after unveiling Vulcan, a slot game that is already considered to be a hit, the company came up with Ninja Star online slot. It is a steep departure from mythology but an equally exciting title, with the reels being set in an oriental background, populated by lethal stealthy assassins.


Those who are even remotely passionate about the fascinating universe of ninjas, will enjoy their time spent playing this online slot. As expected, the wild symbol is depicted by a ninja and it can only appear on the first, third and fifth real without offering line payouts. On the bright side, the symbols can appear stacked and whenever this happens a short but intense animation will accompany the release of sizable payouts.

Although the amounts are considerable, they pale by comparison to the prizes offered by the local sign which is the jackpot symbol. The maximum amount that can be won is 10,000 coins with half of that sum being released by the temple symbol. Just 2000 coins are awarded to those who hit winning combinations involving ninja weapons, while scatter payouts are won by those who unveiled the Ninja Star. RTG is proud of its above average payouts awarded by high-value cards although their frequency is low.

In terms of special features, the Ninja Scroll stands out from the crowd that requires at least three logo symbols and consists of eight scrolls appearing on the display. They are grouped in four sets and the player is supposed to open them one at the time in an attempt of advancing from one level to the other. It is possible to play this feature twice, therefore players have an extra chance of making it to the final level.

The other special feature is the one triggered by the Ninja Star symbols, which performe the traditional role of scatter symbols and award free spins. What makes this feature so exciting is the fact that logo signs change to either Ninja Star or regular ninja symbols, and have the potential of boosting payouts. To cap it off, there are two progressive jackpots connected to Ninja Star online slots, and the players’ contribution is slightly above 1%, which is significantly lower than in other similar progressive jackpots.