Immortal Romance receives new Avatars

Some online slots deserve a second chance and every now and then, developers revamp the most worthy ones to keep them in the circuit a bit longer. Changing them to a new format is a common practice, and in most cases the effort is worth making because the slot game still have a lot to offer. It is a bit surprising to see that a relatively new game such as Immortal Romance is targeted for a makeover, but the changes operated by Microgaming are all for the better.

What the software developer did was to reconfigure the game and make it suitable for online slots tournaments, therefore making it more exciting for players. For many players, the name doesn’t ring particularly true, so it is worth highlighting a couple of features that make Immortal Romance such a good choice for slot game enthusiasts. Essentially this is a five reels slot game with 243 ways to win, that invites players to step into an eerie environment and witness a fascinating love story.

The slot game will debut in the new format during the Monthly Monster online tournament which is held in all Microgaming online casinos starting on Monday, February 25. The prize pool stands at $30,000 and there will be 30 players to equally benefit from this money if they win the competition. This is not an event aimed at highrollers, as the entrance fee is of only $25 and players can even choose to buy Continue Play Options and Rebuys if they don’t want to spend $25.

The organizers are so confident in the success of their upcoming tournaments, that they set the limit to 1000 seats. Those who are interested in joining the February Monthly Monster should not waste time and book a place before all of these seats fill up. While Immortal Romance is a game that everyone talks about, it is not the only title to feature in this month’s event, nor the only slot game to receive new avatars.

Among micro gaming titles that can be included in this category, four of them are worth mentioning and these go as follow: Wheel of Wealth, Isis, Avalon and No Worries. All of these games have been tweaked to become suitable for multiplayer, but it makes perfect sense for players to check them out individually before they get the chance to play them in the Monthly Monster event.

Step on the court with Tennis Stars

The first thing that tennis enthusiasts want after watching a heart stopping final is to pick up their racket and hone their skills on the tennis court. As the Australian Open has recently ended, the same enthusiasm overwhelms many fans, but sadly winter is still raging and very few can afford to play indoors. If you are even remotely fascinated by this beautiful sport, and find slot games equally exciting, then you will surely appreciate what Playtech has in store.

The software developer promises to combine the best in online casino games with the thrills produced by the tennis game in its latest release called Tennis Stars. Some of the most popular tennis players grace the 40 line slot game, and it makes no difference whether you support Andy Murray or the player who defeated him, Novak Djokovic. This slot game is all about making winning combinations and unlocking generous payouts through captivating minigames and bonus features.

You don’t need an impressive budget to enjoy Tennis Stars, because the smallest bets are as low as one cent, while highrollers can bet 50 times that amount. If you multiply that with the 10 coins that one can bet on each pay line, it is easy to see how high the payouts can go if you get lucky. Wild symbols have the ability of triggering multipliers and free spins, in addition to replacing other symbols to create winning combinations.

The scatter symbol is just as versatile and what makes it stand out from the crowd is that it triggers a special feature that goes by the name of Championship Bonus Game. Players assume the role of a tennis player and then need to make up their mind and use a slice or a flat serve. Depending on how successful they are at scoring an ace, they will be presented with a lower or higher payout. Regardless of the amount, any price can be doubled by activating the gamble feature, but there is always the risk of losing everything that you have just earned if you lose this bet.