Redbeard & Co says “Ahoy me hearties”!

Those who play slot games regularly are probably aware of the fact that there is no shortage of titles revolving around the otherwise popular theme of pirates. Top Game intends to change all this, and the first step is the release of the Redbeard & Co slot game, which is already popular for its vibrant colors and charming animations. Redbeard is the pirate whose legend inspired the software developer and all the associated symbols are practically revolving around him. Fortunately the attention to details made it possible for Top Game to come up with one of the best 3-D games on the market.

In addition to nicely detailed symbols, the developers made sure that not even the Bet Max button or the spin button were dull and uninspiring. A cannon was chosen for representing the former while a skeletal stands for the latter, and both of them represent a welcomed diversion from the standard slot games. The best payouts are awarded by Redbeard symbol, with the jackpot going as high as 8000 coins while the wild symbol is represented by the parrot. It has the ability of replacing all other symbols except for the scatter and bonus ones, and the signs have personalized animations that make them easily distinguishable.

Speaking of the scatter symbol, it is important to mention that this is represented by the treasure chest and at least three of them need to be unveiled for players to receive gold coins. The more the merrier, and when the player finds an abundance of scatter symbols the number of free spins is also dramatically increased. The pirate ships are also a desirable site because the appearance of at least three of them triggers the beginning of a cool minigame. Player nees to sink the enemy fleet as quickly as possible without losing its own ships, by passing the bombs from one pirate to another.

Battlestar Galactica slot goes live at All Slots Casino

It appears like the rumors were true and despite the fact that it spent a lot of time in the making, Battlestar Galactica finally goes live at All Slots casino. The game is anchored in the same environment that kept sci-fi fans at the edge of their seats, watching one of the most successful TV series ever. The transition to slot games was smooth and Microgaming did a fine job in preserving the same atmosphere that made the name Battlestar Galactica an instant classic. Naturally, no slot game would be fun if the prizes would be average and in this case players need not to worry because plenty of pleasant surprises are in store.

For starters, there are 243 ways of winning and immediately after the inspiring introductory clip, players can start collecting their first profits. The theme of Battlestar Galactica is not surprising for anyone who is even remotely interested in the TV series, but the manner in which the battle between humans and Cylons was recreated is impressive. On top of all this, the software developer introduced a pioneering ranking system which has the same addictive effect on players as RPG video games. The animations are both numerous and well-crafted, so you won’t get bored with watching them no matter how much you play.

Free spins are in order and when three special symbols depicting the spaceship appear on the reels, 15 of them are awarded. All payouts are tripled and those players who are lucky enough to see the wild symbol during these rounds, might have their profits further boosted if it appears stacked. In case you’re wondering, the wild symbol is represented by the Battlestar Galactica logo, but it would be unfair to forget about the Faster Than Light logo which occasionally converts into high value cards.

Turn the heat on with Hot Ink slots game

One of the latest slot games developed by Microgaming and introduced to its network of online casinos is Hot Ink which sets the action in a tattoo salon. Basically all the symbols are consistent with the main theme, so players should expect to discover flaming dices, winged hearts, tattoo professionals and their assistants scattered all over the reels. Among cherries, stars and horseshoes, the Hot ink logo stands out from the crowd because this is the wild symbol while the Tattoo Logo triggers the bonus rounds.

There are plenty of free spins offered and the sign that marks the beginning of these bonus spins is the Fish symbol which acts as a scatter symbol as well. Basically there are different symbols serving similar roles, and as a result the number of winning ways has been boosted to 1024, with the top prize going as high as 122,500 coins. This amount can be secured during the Tattoo Bonus minigame while a lesser prize of up to 100,000 coins can be won during the free spins when all payouts are doubled.

The denominations start that 0.01 and can go as high as 0.25, so the larger the amounts wagered are, the better the payouts opportunities. A minigame begins when players unveil three or more Tattoo Logos and they are required to choose between different tattoo albums to identify the winning combinations. The best case scenario is to discover all of them and be awarded with 10 free spins for your effort. Those who want to learn more about Microgaming’s Hot Ink slots game before jumping headfirst can find plenty of relevant information at

Santa and Rudolph fight in the latest slot game

Realtime Gaming software developers had some fun these months and now they are ready to release another installment in the successful Santa versus Rudolph series. The plot is pretty much the same, with Santa and Rudolph clashing instead of working together and the animations are hilarious once again. This episode is called The Elf Wars and there are plenty of tricks that each opponent has in his sleeve, ready to unleash against his rival. The visuals are slightly similar with previous installments, although the reindeer is meaner this time and the dictator outfit suits him.

Santa is also depicted in a original way because instead of the jolly old man, he appears to be a pumped up and fearless individual, ready for a fight. Santa versus Rudolph is a slot game radiating dark humor and all the symbols are consistent with the intense struggle between the leading characters. Fortunately, players don’t need to take sides because regardless of who loses the fight, those who play this slot game will end up on the winning side. Among the symbols, good and evil elves stand out from the crowd, and instead of boxes, presents and cookies, the symbols include guns, artillery and various other weapons.

The signs that will surely bring a smile on the players faces, are the wild ones with the leading characters assuming this role in Santa versus Rudolph slot game and the good and evil reindeer’s represent the scatter symbols. There are also two special features, with Santa Strikes Back awarding multipliers and seven free spins with similar rewards being offered by the Rudolph’s Revenge feature. Players are supposed to find three different elves in the factory and depending on how successful they are, the number of free spins can be increased to as many as 50 of them.