Why deposit money using bank transfer?

Online casinos are trying to diversify their deposit methods, so that their members and prospective clients will have no reason to look elsewhere. While credit cards are widely regarded as the most popular way of depositing funds, there are a couple of casinos that don’t support most of them. The same can’t be said about bank transfers which are just as speedy and enable people to make larger transactions in conditions of total security. All casino operators like the security that comes with bank transfers and this is why the odds of not finding this deposit method among the accepted ones is slim.

A credit card can be stolen, cloned or somebody can memorize the numbers on it and use the card to make unauthorized deposits. When credit card companies report a breach, they limit access to all their products and this is why many people find it impossible to deposit money using this method. Furthermore there are online casinos that allow players to deposit with Mastercard but require that the reverse transfer to be made to a bank account. Since anyone has a bank account, it makes perfect sense to register it with the online casino and use it frequently for both deposits and withdrawals.

On the bad side, there are no promotions targeting bank transfers as most casinos try to make other methods of deposit more popular. This is why the odds of receiving extra cash when funding an account in this manner are reduced, but unless you play for a lot of cash the difference is insignificant. If you decide at some point that you don’t want to use the same bank account for gambling purposes, it is easy to remove it from the list and add a new one.

Three types of roulette players

While there is no unitary way of separating roulette players, a few criteria can help us differentiate between casual, average and professional roulette players. These are basically the three types of players and they are present in both online and traditional casinos, although not in the same ratio. Their approach to the game differs and so do their objectives, which makes them stand out from the crowd fairly easy.

The casual roulette player is the one who dreams about playing in Las Vegas casinos, but would never make the step. These kinds of players prefer to spend their time at home and spin the ball for a couple of times in an online casino. They invest low amounts of money and only play when they have free time, with the outcome of the game coming seconds to how much fun they have while playing roulette.

The average roulette players are usually the ones who started as casual players but found the game too exciting to play only on weekends and after hours. They don’t waste a chance to place a bet, even though the amounts they invest are not particularly impressive. Most of them never jeopardize their bankrolls and have a lot of fun playing, but some fall off the wagon and can get in serious trouble.

Professional roulette players are just as the name suggests, the ones who at least apparently they know how to beat the odds and can turn this game into a lucrative venture. The reason they are so successful is not sheer luck, but the fact that they have excellent bankroll management and good self-control. Most of them turn into highrollers and if they don’t crack under pressure, they can win a lot of money both online and in traditional casinos.

Innovative blackjack variants

Even experienced blackjack players admit that they are not familiar with all the blackjack variants available in online casinos, but many are willing to try them out. While there are very few brick and mortar casinos that offer such exotic games, they thrive over the Internet and software developers are on a constant search for new titles. Burn 20 Blackjack is one of the easiest to master because very few rules are tweaked and they mostly revolve around the dealer’s action. If he goes bust with exactly 22 points, the players who are still in the hand will not win the pot but instead push and the wager gets refunded.

In exchange for this advantage, the dealer has to check if his facedown card has the value of 10, if the other one has this value. This process is repeated indefinitely which means that there is no chance for the dealer to make 20 out of his two cards. Furthermore, the dealer has to check the second card to see if this is a suited ace, because if he makes blackjack with a 10 and an Ace of the same color is once again asked to discard them. Despite the differences, the house edge is pretty much the same as in regular blackjack.

Free Bet Blackjack is favored by players due to the fact that it allows them to split and double free of charge in certain conditions. On hard totals equaling 9, 10 or 11, the player is allowed to double for free and win twice his bet and if he loses the original wager is the only amount that the house wins. When it comes to splitting, the player can do it on any pair except for tens and once again he doubles up his profits if he wins without losing more if things turn sour. Just like in the aforesaid game, this variant of blackjack gives the house an edge of 0.80%, because if the dealer gets busted on 22 the round ends in a push.

Marilyn Monroe slots created by Playtech

Her picture is among the most recognizable ones, and the fact that Playtech chose Marilyn Monroe’s image for their latest slot game comes as no surprise. Although so many years have passed since she was the biggest thing in showbiz, Marilyn remains a very popular figure and the software developer brilliantly included her in the latest game. Slowly but steadily all of the casinos powered by their software are introducing this slot, which has some similarities with another Playtech hit known as the Great Blue.

Some might even find the resemblance uncanny, but the visuals have been improved and the setting is more appealing in Marilyn Monroe slot game. Players say that any casino game is just as good as its payout, and with Playtech casino slots having a payout of around 97%, this would not be an issue. The multipliers will make things even more exciting, and when the scatter symbols pop up players can expect tenfold wins. Not only the important signals such as the wild and scatter ones are consistent with the atmosphere of the 60s, but all the reels are full of icons evoking that period.

Just like Marilyn Monroe, this slot game with immediately charm the audience and it is only fair to say that the first couple of hours spent playing are also the most satisfying once. Male and female players alike are probably going to enjoy the game just as much, because the mild colors and gorgeous animations are appealing to both genders. Free spins and the money they generate are even more important and fortunately, Marilyn Monroe slots are generously showering players with such speeds.

Choose between no deposit and matchup bonuses at Casino Titan

While you need to be in the game to have a chance of winning, it is not necessary to wager your own money even when playing online casino games. Free calls are not the only way of winning without investing anything and if you like the idea of playing for free check out Casino Titan’s $7 Free No deposit bonus. This kind of welcome packages are increasingly rare these days, as online casinos prefer to reward their customers by matching up their first deposits. In this particular case there are no strings attached and by simply creating an account one can spin several dollars without risking anything.

There is a coupon code that goes by the name TITAN7, that new players have to enter before being rewarded the money. The next logical step is to download the software and spend the money at whatever online slots the players like most. By taking advantage of this $7 Free No deposit bonus, players get familiar with the interface and prepare themselves for wagering real money. Speaking of which, Casino Titan is ready to match up any deposit and offer four times as much up to a total amount of $1000.

The 400 sign-up bonus is released after the new member redeems the coupon code ELECTRIC400 and makes a deposit that ranges between $50 and $250. No matter how little or much you are ready to commit, you will have four times as much funds to play in one of the most respected online casinos. Subsequent deposits are also subject to bonuses, but the higher limit are set at $900, $600 and $500 for the second, third and fourth deposits.

A new dawn for online gambling

In the European Union there is no cohesive legislation regulating online casinos, and this leads to abuses from central authorities. For casino operators the lack of a unitary set of rules is problematic and this is something that the European Gaming and Betting Association tries to fix. With the European Commission preparing a new set of rules for this rapidly growing business, the EGBA tries to promote its own ideas about how the final package should look like. One thing that they are particularly interested in is making the licensing conditions more transparent, so that the casinos will have it easy to expand to new states.

The concern is not new but the recent events in Germany pushed the lobbying into overdrive, as many casinos ran into frustrating problems. The authorities seem to be undeterred by the fact that the European legislation exists, and take advantage of the less clear paragraphs to override the legal package. German players represent an important component of any online casino’s audience and losing a significant part has a negative impact on their balance. All over Europe, states are crafting their own set of rules that are more or less compliant with the continental legislation and this is something that EGBA hopes to stop.

The European commission has hundreds of complaints to analyze, and their numbers only increase, but further allowing the problems to endure is no longer an option. This is one of the few industries that is growing very quickly and the profits are counted into billions, with a significant percentage of them being collected by the states through taxes. The European Gaming and Betting Association has a valid point and with overarching legislation being a reality in many industries and online services, a similar approach to gambling would benefit to all parties involved.

Triple the excitement in Hold‘em poker

There are so many variants of poker online, that players have it difficult to keep track of all the latest titles but Cryptologic’s Triple Action Hold’em stands out from the crowd. Only 28 cards are in the deck, which means that players would only use cards ranging from eights to aces and the rules are very different from traditional hold’em games. This casino game has a minimum bet of one dollar and those who have highroller ambitions should know that the cap is at $50 for all bets. After the ante bet is made, both the player and the dealer receive two cards facing down and the flop consists of three other cards.

The next stage states that both the player’s cards and one of the dealer’s are turned and it is up to the player to make a bet or fold his hand. This bet needs to be equal to the ante before the remaining cards are turned up, but even if he folds, the flop and bonus bet shall stand. Just like in most online poker games, the dealer needs to have a hand that allows him to qualify and in this case it is a pair of nines. The player wins the ante if the dealer doesn’t qualify while the raise bet is returned, otherwise the one who holds the better cards wins at the end of the round.

There are three distinct bonus payouts and those who play Triple Action Hold’em Poker should check out the payout table to learn exactly how much they can win. The lowest payout is 2:1 for a full house, while a royal flush will reward the lucky winner with 50 times the amount invested. The wins vary depending on whether the player qualifies only for the flop and bonus bet, or if he choses not to fold his hand. Just like in any casino game, the higher the risks one takes, the better his chances are of winning a large prize.