Knowing the rules is not enough

One can have a lot of fun by playing Caribbean poker by knowing nothing more than the basic rules, but this won’t keep him profitable. This game is one that heavily favors the house, and a player will need a lot of luck to offset this edge that the casino has by default. Straightforward as it is, Caribbean Stud poker is all about the ability to calculate the odds and to make those actions that are beneficial on the long run.

Whether you prefer to play the game online or in a regular casino, the same standard set of rules apply and the same basic strategies should be employed. The opponent is the dealer and while he has a limited array of actions at his disposal, the rules of the game are made in such a manner that they favor the casino. In Caribbean stud poker, the cards that you get are the ones that will make your final hand and there is no drawing round that might improve it. Knowing which cards are worth playing and investing just as much as the odds reflect as reasonable, would prevent you from losing hand after hand.

Many beginners are overambitious and try to break the bank in a single session, only to have their aggressive strategies backfiring. Unlike roulette or blackjack where progressive strategies can work to some extent, when playing Caribbean poker you need to be able to think each round individually. It is not profitable to chase your loses because there is a real risk of amplifying them and turn a mediocre session into a disaster. Head on to for a crash course to Caribbean Stud tactics and maximize your chances each time you sit down at the poker table.

Relive the good days with Baywatch Slot Game

For many people the famous TV show Baywatch is nothing more than a distant memory, but slot machine enthusiasts have a reason to smile. Playtech launches Baywatch Slot Game which just as the name suggests will feature some of the popular characters that made the TV show a hit, while providing players with a unique opportunity to win money. has an ample coverage of this game which is already available throughout the Playtech network.

The return of CJ Parker, Matt Brody, Neely Capshaw and Caroline Holden will not only bring memories, but also a lot of money to those who discover these symbols. Parker is the wild simple as expected, while the other three will offer six free spins when they appear on the third reel and are also responsible for multipliers. The rescue towers are the scatter signs in Baywatch Slot Game, and since they also trigger the release of considerable amounts when three of them appear on a reel, players can consider themselves lucky if they are flooded with rescued towers.

Things get even better than this because if a lifeguard symbol appears, another bonus is released and the winnings grow exponentially. For a five reel and twenty pay line slot, Baywatch Slot Game is a great distraction from mundane slot games that depict the same uninspired themes, and should be equally appealing to those who love the TV shows and newcomers. For those who don’t have an account with Bet365 this is the best moment to create one, to cash in on the 100% deposit bonus that goes up to $400.


It doesn’t get any sweeter than this

The moment someone decides to play casino games, he accepts the fact that there is a good possibility for the initial investment to be lost. Accepting the fact that the house edge is what keeps casinos profitable, is a very important thing that all players should do, to avoid disappointments. There is always the option of playing for virtual cash, as most online casinos have all of their games available for play money as well. While there is no limitation in terms of time spent playing these games without spending a dime, very few players will resist the temptation of making it interesting.

First deposit bonuses and promotions act as an incentive to deposit, but even though the initial amount is matched by the casino, some are reluctant to invest. For these people, the no deposit bonuses are an excellent alternative as they allow them to play for real money virtually risk-free. All they need to do is to register a real money account and it will be credited with a fixed amount that can be used at any casino games. In some cases, they are asked to enter a code or make a claim but this is the exception rather than the rule, as the money is routinely credited in an automatic fashion.

There are no strings attached to these bonuses, and the only requirement is for the player to wager the amount several times before a withdrawal is possible. In most cases these terms and conditions make it very difficult for the player to actually withdraw the money received as a no deposit bonus, but it is still an excellent way to start their online adventure. The most they can lose is this sum that has been awarded to them for free, which makes the experience more exciting and less stressful.

Card counting when playing Casino War

The benefit of knowing what cards will appear next are obvious in games such as Blackjack and Baccarat, but the questions is whether this skill is useful or not when playing Casino War. The reason this game is so popular in both online and brick-and-mortar casinos is that it is easy to understand and no special skills or experience are required. Cards are dealt one by one to both the player and dealer, and with the higher one winning there is hardly any need to make things more complicated by counting cards.

When it comes to a tie, players can choose between surrendering or going to war and the first option is the worst one. By doing so, players give free money to the dealer and don’t even attempt to challenge the house and this is where the edge comes from for the casino. Keeping track of how many high cards have passed can be useful, but instead of going to great lengths to memorize most of the cards, it is enough to focus on aces. These are the highest cards in Casino War and once you are dealt such a card, you are the overwhelming favorite to win the pot.

The worst case scenario is the draw, but the odds of the dealer getting the same card and forcing the tie are slim to say the least. Don’t waste your energy trying to use KO or Hi-Lo systems that are so useful in Blackjack because when playing Casino War luck is all you need. The house edge is so low that if you stick to your plan and never surrender, with a bit of lucky you could end up winning while having a lot of fun. Last but not least, don’t get tricked by the tie bet and its massive 10:1 payout because the odds of a tie are stacked against you.


You are always in charge with the Labouchere system

When asked if they are seeking a roulette system that keeps them in control all the time, or one that limits their freedom dramatically, most players will choose the first. In theory it is refreshing to know that you are always in charge but when playing the roulette it is sometimes better to have your liberty limited. Take the Labouchere roulette system for instance which is a very effective one, and also a strategy that allows the player to make plenty of choices based on his instinct. Experienced ones will enjoy this enhanced liberty, but beginners are sometimes vulnerable because they go a step too far.

The Labouchere roulette system demands the players to choose a string of numbers, which don’t have to be consecutive and are supposed to be written down or memorized. Most players choose a short and simple sequence such as 1-2-3-4-5 and what they need to do next is to bet each round an amount that represents the sum between the first and last numbers.  If the bet is a winner, the two numbers are eliminated from the sequence and the player continues with the next two once. This happens until all the numbers are scratched off, and the system begins all over again with the same or different numbers.

When he loses, the player adds the amount wagered in the previous round at the end of the sequence, so it becomes a simple digit in the string. The initial decision of choosing the first numbers is the most important ones, because their sum is supposed to be the total amount that the player expects to win in a roulette session. Wise ones will keep the first two or three numbers very low and even stick to a single unit, so that potential losses won’t mount too quickly.

Keep roulette systems simple

The roulette is supposed to be a simple game that everyone can enjoy, and for those who rely solely on luck the need for systems and strategies is virtually nonexistent. Those who seek some structure and want to take a logical approach to roulette are usually focusing on improving their betting patterns. This is where the roulette systems come in handy, but the most popular are the ones that keep things simple so that anyone can master them. The Oscar Grind strategy is a shining example of how roulette players can improve their chances of winning without resorting to a complicated system.

The system proclaims that players must start betting one unit for the outcome they predict and if they win increase the wager by another unit. It is aimed at maximizing the profits made the doing a decently long winning streak, so that when losses occur the player will still be ahead. Since this is not a loss chasing system, the wagers remain the same regardless of how many times in a row the ball lands on the wrong numbers. The Oscar Grind system is not a get rich fast scheme, but a reasonable approach to roulette.

This is something that those who are using the Parlay strategy can relate to as both systems are fascinatingly simple and bode well to even bets. When you bet on colors, odds/even and so on you enjoy the high roulette limit which means that the odds of hitting the cap during a session are reduced. This system demands players to wager the standard amount plus the profits made in the previous betting round, so winning streaks are extremely profitable. While this is a more aggressive version of the aforesaid strategy, players need to make sure that they quit while they are ahead and not get greedy.

Master the Hi/Lo counting system

The ability of counting cards when playing blackjack is invaluable in both traditional and online casinos, because it gives players the edge over the house. At least in theory, this game can be beaten by several players who have an outstanding memory and the ability of making the right plays when the odds are stacked in their favor. The Hi/Lo counting system is not only the easiest one to learn but also a very effective one, and it is particularly useful in packed casinos that are full of distractions.

Instead of memorizing all the cards that are being dealt to them, other players and the dealer, they simply need to remember the value of three distinct groups of cards. The cards from 2 to 6 count for +1, the ones from 7 to 9 count as 0 and the ones from 10 to Ace have the value of -1. This makes it much easier to keep track of all the cards and subtract or add the numbers after every betting round. It can still be a bit challenging for beginners to make all the calculations while playing their best game, especially when there is a lot of commotion around the blackjack table.

The reason for using the high low system is to know in advance if the number of high cards is superior to low cards and bet accordingly. Players should wish for the columns to be above zero, because this means that there are more high cards left in the deck. This is in their advantage because it increases the chance for the dealer to go bust, while making blackjack and receiving 3 to 2 payoffs is also increased. When all the decks are exhausted, players will determine whether their account was accurate or not because the value they reach should be zero.

Double down to maximize your Blackjack gains

Not everything that happens at the blackjack table depends exclusively on luck, and although this is a decisive factor in separating winners from losers, strategy helps a lot. In addition to having a low house edge, this game rewards skillful players and those who are very methodical and take a scientific approach at the table. The dealer starts with the first chance, but his edge can be almost completely extinguished by knowing which cards to play, when to ask for another one and when to double up.

One of the first things that players need to know is that the fewer decks of cards are used, the higher the chances are for an intelligent player to win. Counting cards is not a sci-fi concept, and even though very few are capable of remembering exactly what cards are out, having a general idea about what happened definitely helps. A rare opportunity to offset the house is an edge is by doubling down and online this can be done when the sum of the points is 9, 10 or 11.

Doubling down can be a profitable play, but those who resort to this technique should know that it is vital to choose the perfect moment. What needs to be done is to double up when the dealer has one of the busting cards, a name that is given to cards such as four, five or six. If you notice that this is not the case and the dealer has different cards, it is better to overcome the temptation of doubling your winnings and wait for the next opportunity. By not choosing the adrenaline rush over the reason, you can turn blackjack into a game of skill and stay profitable on the long run.

Why is Blackjack the most profitable casino game

Not all casino games have the same house edge and both in online and regular casinos, some games have better returns for those who know how to play. Luck is still important when playing Blackjack, but this is one of the few casino games where a skilled player can offset the edge and win constantly. You don’t need to count cards to stay profitable, even though such a skill helps, but what really matters is to respect a couple of established rules.

The first step is to shift to online casinos to satisfy your pleasure of playing Blackjack, because they offer welcome bonuses and promotions that will help you start on the right foot. It is always better to wager money that are not yours when picking up the basics and it is even possible to play for virtual money. Unlike games that involve more players, in Blackjack you can learn a great deal about the game by playing at play money tables because it is only you and the dealer, just like at real money tables.

Despite the fact that the house has a low edge in Blackjack, this game is particularly profitable for online casinos because people tend to get greedy and overplay their hands. The key is to keep the stakes relatively low so that you won’t play out of comfort zone and feel the urge of winning back the amount lost. There are no identical hands and cards have no memory, so players should focus on the current hand instead of thinking about past results in similar situations.