Casino Chips – Free casino chips

Casino chips, also known as casino tokens or casino cheques, are small discs used instead of money to wager in casinos. Casino chips are chiefly used at table games, such as blackjack, roulette and poker, but some casinos also offer special casino chips for their slot machines. Get free casino spins and offers at

Modern casino chips intended for table games tend to be made from injected molded plastic, but colored metal and compression molded clay casino chips are also in use. Casino chips designed for slot machines are almost always metal token coins.

In addition to casino chips, many casinos have casino plaques for higher denominations, typically $25 000 and above. Plaques are larger, normally rectangular and contain devices that makes them easy to track or block in the event of a robbery.

Outside casinos, casino chips are frequently used in home games since they are easier than currency to manage at the table. It is for instance not unusual for groups gathering to play poker to eventually abandon coins, matches and similar in favor of a set of poker chips.

How can I get casino chips?

When you enter a casino, you have two options. Either you approach the table where you wish to play and ask the dealer to exchange your money for casino chips, or you pay a visit to the cashier station. Casino dealers normally only accept cash, while cashier stations can handle credit cards as well. The cashier is also recommended for larger transactions. For free casino chip offers, we recommend

What can I use casino chips for?

Casino chips are normally not tied to a specific game or table, but usable for all types of table games in the casino. Most casinos will also accept their own casino chips as currency outside the gaming area, e.g. in the bar and the restaurant.

In “gaming cities” like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, casino chips from well established casinos are sometimes accepted as currency even outside the casino, especially for tipping waiters, taxi drivers, bell boys etc.

When was the casino chip invented?

Well into the 19th century, casino and poker wagers were made using money or other small valuable objects, such as gold nuggets, gold dust or ivory. Individual gambling houses could make their own (not valuable) “chips” from wood, paper or a combination of clay and shellac.

In the 1880’s, several companies began producing poker chips out of clay. They became very popular and during the next 50 years or so there were over a thousand different poker chip designs available on the market. Most chip sets featured red, white, blue and yellow chips, but you could get chips in almost any color and shade you fancied.

Why use a casino chip?

  • Casino chips are uniform in size, shape and coloring which makes them easier for players, dealers and the pit boss to control on the table.

  • Chips are easier to count in stacks compared to paper bills.

  • All casino chips at a particular casino will be of the same diameter and thickness, making them easy to store in chip trays.

  • For many casino visitors, casino chips are in integral part of the casino experience.

  • Many casinos strive to offer an experience where visitors are removed from their humdrum everyday life, e.g. buy not having any watches or daylight in the casino and buy using chips instead of ordinary money.